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Why is Software Security Testing Essential for Banks?

Software Security testing is vital in ensuring the preservation of data and assists in sustaining the functionality of the software as well. In the cyberspace we live in, we are bombarded with copious amounts of data, which are integral to the working of a company. Preservation of this sensitive data against vulnerabilities, risks, and threats … read more

The Legitimate Hacking – Software Security Testing

Software Security testing is used to find vulnerabilities in a security network. An ethical hacker, who tests a security network, actually hacks the system to test its vulnerability. But this type of hacking is legitimate and many of the organizations, in reality, pay software security testing companies for performing hacking to make sure there are … read more

How to Choose Software Testing Company for HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act defines standards for safeguarding the sensitive, confidential data of the patients stored with various stakeholders of the healthcare industry. The act requires health insurance providers to enforce e-PHI i.e. strict privacy and security rules to safeguard all electronically protected health information. When dealing with the healthcare client, … read more

Software Security Solutions – Why it’s necessary for a company

Businesses today, have grown into a highly interactive venture, and nothing facilitates the interaction the way software does. It is the heart of every business, that drives all the function by pumping efficiency with the applications of technology. Reduced cost, manpower, swift processing has made the world dependent on software technology, not just for business … read more

Hit by Cyber Extortion? Here’s Your First Aid!

Cyber extortion has inflicted a great damage on several businesses in the past. Read on to know how you can best respond to the same. Contrary to several misconceptions people have, cyber extortion is not a new unpleasant guest. It is rather an old foe that just happened to show up in too many disguises … read more