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Secure Your Device from Judy Malware Via Mobile App Security Services

After the recent ransomware attack that targeted the outdated versions of Microsoft Windows, a new malware in the industry has emerged and this time on Google’s Play Store. Android Security is under threat from an Android-based malware, named as ‘Judy’, which has infected millions of smartphones across the globe. This new malware has been found … read more

A Deeper Insight into Mobile Device Security

Mobile device security is often talked about but some organizations are yet to implement it. Read on to know some of the benefits of mobile app security testing. Probably nothing has an influence as strong as that of mobile technologies in our lives. Being accustomed to the use of apps on smartphones and tablets, we … read more

Fundamentals of Software Security for Application Development Managers

Secure and high-quality software is not an accident. A company or an organization needs to work hard to achieve it. Throughout the software development life cycle, specification, design and implementation of quality and security is important, especially when the project is a crucial one. For government projects which involve national secrets, security is a top … read more

4 Security Threats to Your Web Applications

Have you ever pondered about the consequences if someone hacks your website and alters the content of your website. Running a web application means you are always at risk of getting your site hacked at any point of time. Websites across the globe are affected with malware threats on a regular basis. In fact, every … read more