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Why Do We Even Require Mobile Application Testing!

With the advent of applications on the mobile phone, Mobile Application Testing has become extremely crucial to protect your mobile device from any kind of external attack or threat. Mobiles have become a significant part of your life over the years since it has been launched. An indispensable tool, currently you have everything readily available … read more

Secure Your Device from Judy Malware Via Mobile App Security Services

After the recent ransomware attack that targeted the outdated versions of Microsoft Windows, a new malware in the industry has emerged and this time on Google’s Play Store. Android Security is under threat from an Android-based malware, named as ‘Judy’, which has infected millions of smartphones across the globe. This new malware has been found … read more

Critical Security Measures for Financial Mobile Application

Application developed by companies from BFSI sector are always the preferable target of hackers. The reason for this is not mobile application security, but the critical information these apps exchange with the customer, and that is what motivates hackers to break into these financial apps.Out of the 781 data breaches tracked in the United States … read more

Key Checks, A Mobile Application Security Testing Company Should Consider

Mobile applications provide users with access to critical information while on the go. To empower users for quickly accessing their financial data, there’s a balance that needs to be made between convenience and security. While performing mobile application security audit for a mobile solution for Banking, Financial or BFSI institution, ensure that these best practices are … read more

Gaining Leverage over Mobile Device Security Analytics

Mobile device security analytics can play a key role in securing applications. Read on to know how you can get a leverage over them.  While pretty much everything and everyone is bound to become obsolete or extinct at a certain point of time, it seems mobile apps are here to stay for a considerably long … read more