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Best Practices in Web Application Security Testing

There’s a need for website owners to accesses the critical issue of ‘application security’, which has been on continues rise. Domains like financial, healthcare, retail, and logistics have had major security concerns and have fallen prey to a variety of DDoS and other attacks. This has been primarily due to vulnerabilities in the application that arises due to diverse and integrated processes in the web applications.

So, is there a solution?

Absolutely, application security testing and a detailed web audit is the key.

Conducting a frequent audit for the website and mobile application strengthens the security. It brings out the vulnerabilities on the forefront and protects a software from innumerable threats like data breach, information leakage, etc.

The best option for a software business is to hire a leading software and network company like Avyaan, to conduct a website audit. The developers rigorously test every code to find out the soft targets in the website, which hackers exploit. But, if you have capable developers and testers in your company, you can move ahead yourself by keeping these steps in mind.

Best Practices in web application security testing:

Create a blueprint

A detailed website security testing plan is critical. Without a foolproof blueprint, a dedicated approach, an audit is good for nothing. Make a checklist.

Inventory for web application

Yes, you heard it right. It large enterprises, multiple applications run business process and employees may or may not have an idea about them. The first step is to list down all the application, check for their need.

Prioritize Applications

A security audit requires time and resources, and its best suggested to prioritize your applications to have a brief idea about where you need to direct extra effort.

Prioritize Vulnerabilities

Not all vulnerabilities are potential to pose a serious threat to your application. Few might not be critical for your business. So, it’s best to categorize them into high and low priority list.

Secure Use of Cookies

For a faster, smoother, and personalized future visit. For the convenience of both business and customers, make efficient and secure use of cookies.

Don’t hesitate in harsh steps for security

If some functionalities, applications are posing threat, don’t think twice to delete them. You can bring add new functionalities, but not the trust of users and customers if lost.

 For more information about the website and mobile application security testing, consult Avyaan.

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