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Best Practices Followed by Web Application Security Services Provider

When a web developer builds a web app, he makes sure that the web app is fairly secure. But it is very difficult to point out your mistakes; same goes with the code you have written. Therefore it is always advisable to get a second opinion on the security of your web app in the form of application security services. No matter how good your code is, if you want to ensure the security of your web app, then you should hire an expert web application security services provider.

But how will you differentiate a good security services provider from an average one? To make the right choice, you can take a look at below mentioned best practices followed by a good application security services provider.

They ask you to keep development, testing and production environment separate.

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Developers find it faster to develop a newer version of a web application on a production server. It is common practice that the development and testing of web applications are done directly on the production servers itself.  However, applications can be easily be discovered by a malicious user, if development and testing are done on a production server because such web applications are in their early development stages. They have a number of vulnerabilities which can be exploited by a hacker.

They check that you are using only those services which are required.

Default operating system installations and configurations are not secure, mainly because many network services get installed which a web server configuration doesn’t require. The more the services are, the more ports are left open, thus leaving more doors open for a hacker to exploit.

They ensure that a remote connection should be secure.

Nowadays, it is not practical not to allow remote access. However, if remote access is needed, by using tunneling and encryption protocols, the web application security services provider must make sure that the remote connection is secured properly.

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They keep web application content and server-side scripting on separate partitions or drives.

This ensures that hackers who gained access to the web root directory and were able to exploit other vulnerabilities, don’t go further in escalating their privileges to gain access to the data on the whole disk, including the operating system and other system files.

They assign least privileges needed for a specific network service.

A hacker can use the account if a web server engine is compromised via network service software, on which the network service is running to carry out tasks. Therefore it is very important to assign the least privileges needed for a specific network service to run.

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