web application security assessment

Avoiding Threats with Web Application Security Assessment

Web applications have almost become the lifeline for many businesses today. Without these applications, customers and clients would have had a hard time availing the services of these businesses and this in turn would have adversely affected their overall productivity. For those who do not know what a web application, here is a short definition – a web application is a program that uses a web browser to accomplish one or more tasks. With the help of these applications, customers are able to carry out many of their chores such as purchase of items, bill payment, ticket booking and money transfer. Used on a daily basis by a large number of people, web applications have become the center of attention for businesses as well. To connect with customers and clients, many companies have deployed their own web apps. Here are few tips to manage web application security issues.

No matter how robust the functionality of a web application is, it is vulnerable to attacks if it lacks proper security features. Cyber crime is a major threat to the security of confidential information of top-notch companies as well as governmental organizations, and preparing in advance is the best way to eliminate this threat. For this purpose, many companies and organizations rely on a web application security assessment. As the term suggests, this process is all about evaluating how to secure a particular web application is. First, the web application is subjected to attacks by ethical hackers – this is part of a process known as penetration testing. Following that, the security flaws are detected and documented in the form of a report. There is a multitude of problems that an organization can prevent by assessing the security of its web applications. As a result, several Indian companies have already adopted this strategy.

The first and most important reason to conduct web application security assessment in India is the advancement of technology. Developers today are tech-savvy and so are the hackers – both of them are exploring the unknown areas of web technology. Hence, organizations need to stay ahead of these hackers, which is why they implement the latest strategies so that a security breach can be avoided as far as possible. Cross-site scripting, SQL injection and click jacking are some of the common troubles in web application security.

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