External Penetration Testing

A Talk About the Pen-Testing Tools

The wide use of web applications and mobile applications is no longer a hot topic for discussion. Utilizing these apps is as normal as breathing these days. For almost every task at hand, there is an app available and people are using all sorts of mobile devices to manipulate these apps. With smartphones and tablets taking the lead among electronic devices, it will only be a matter of time before desktop computers become totally obsolete.

Speaking of apps, we realize the convenience we have in using those. At the same time, we get reminded of a major concern that is the security of these apps. While millions of people use these apps, a bunch of tech-savvy individuals referred to as hackers or black hats attempt to break through the security protocol of these apps in order to gain access to confidential information about the companies deploying these apps as well as the clients using these. A whole lot of trade secrets of companies as well as private details of clients such as bank account information can go into the wrong hands if these applications are not secure. To deal with this issue, most companies today are opting for external penetration testing services. With the help of professionals well-versed in ethical hacking, organizations are able to identify and fix the loopholes in the security of their web applications.

Ethical hacking, otherwise known as penetration testing, involves careful implementation of a multitude of software tools for attacking web apps and mobile apps. Based on the impact of attacks and the ease of gaining unauthorized access to the app, all the security flaws are documented.

Once all the vulnerabilities in an application are identified, the penetration testing company starts taking steps to fix those. For the process to be streamlined and productive, the company needs to have quality tools, such as the following:

This tool analyzes the network protocols. It thus provides minute details about decryption, packet  information and many other aspects related to the network used by the application.

This is one of the most popular and advanced frameworks used for web application penetration testing. Having a GUI interface and a command line, this framework can work on Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows as well as Linux.

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