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4 Security Threats to Your Web Applications

Have you ever pondered about the consequences if someone hacks your website and alters the content of your website. Running a web application means you are always at risk of getting your site hacked at any point of time. Websites across the globe are affected with malware threats on a regular basis. In fact, every device that you connect directly to the Internet should be scanned multiple times. To make things better, you should indeed go for web application security services.

Every device that you connect to the Internet is provided with an Internet Protocol (IP) address. This address is comprised of two components viz; a network component and host component. A hacker can launch a program to figure out your host address within the given network and record the results. Equipped with many sophisticated tools and tactics, a hacker launches other scans to determine your operating system or other applications programs. Many of your operating systems and applications can have security vulnerabilities that may attract malware attacks. For this, web application security testing has to be performed from time to time.

Here are 4 common threats to your web applications.

Altered Content and Defacement

Once your system is hacked by a hacker, he has the privilege of doing anything with your content. Altered content can damage the rapport with your customers and put an end to all your revenue prospects.

Theft of Data

One of the potential threats to your web applications is data theft. If your site contains e-mail addresses, account numbers, or other sensitive data, there is every possibility that a hacker may steal the data and exploit them for personal gain. It will not only lead to the loss of your customers’ confidential information, you will also end up losing your potential clients.

Unauthorized Access to Your Applications and System Resources

A hacker may also use your system for fulfilling his or her own malefic purposes and thereby denying you the ability to use your system in an efficient and effective manner. It can be a minor inconvenience to a major catastrophe.

Spreading of Viruses, Worms and Other Malware

In many cases, after having access to your system, a hacker may use it as a platform for launching viruses, worms or other types of malware. A hacker does this on your system in order to cover his / her tracks. You can get rid of these threats through website security services

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