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How to Choose Software Testing Company for HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act defines standards for safeguarding the sensitive, confidential data of the patients stored with various stakeholders of the healthcare industry. The act requires health insurance providers to enforce e-PHI i.e. strict privacy and security rules to safeguard all electronically protected health information. When dealing with the healthcare client, … read more

Key Checks, A Mobile Application Security Testing Company Should Consider

Mobile applications provide users with access to critical information while on the go. To empower users for quickly accessing their financial data, there’s a balance that needs to be made between convenience and security. While performing mobile application security audit for a mobile solution for Banking, Financial or BFSI institution, ensure that these best practices are … read more

For Successful HIPAA Compliance, Opt for Web Application Security Testing

HIPAA Compliance: What it is and Why it is so Important in Healthcare Industry? Databases of clients, containing information about their profiles and their interactions with the business, is important for every enterprise, no matter in which industry they are operating. But when it comes to Health Industry, in which end consumer is the patient, … read more

Web Application Penetration Testing: A Critical Form of Ethical Hacking

In simple words, Web Application Penetration Testing is a kind of testing which is to know how penetrable your Web Application is to Hacks. Web applications play a vital role in the growth of traffic on every website and eventually for the Business. If a Web App is not properly tested via Penetration Testing, it … read more