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Significance of Software Testing in SDLC Models

Software testing is a critical aspect of every enterprise as the process checks and proves the potential of a software. Correct implementation of software testing stages limits the scope for functional error in a software. Its necessity for the web application security is clearly known to everyone, But did you know Software testing is extremely … read more

Essential Certifications for Network Security Professionals

Network Security is an essential practice for every enterprise, where in specificpolicies and practices are implemented to protect information from unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a network-accessible resources. The field covers both private and public networks, and is aimed avoid data breach and bring an admin control infrastructure. The need for hiring network … read more

Best Practices in Web Application Security Testing

There’s a need for website owners to accesses the critical issue of ‘application security’, which has been on continues rise. Domains like financial, healthcare, retail, and logistics have had major security concerns and have fallen prey to a variety of DDoS and other attacks. This has been primarily due to vulnerabilities in the application that … read more