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Key Benefits of Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, which is also known as pen-testing is a consolidated way to ensure that a software is free from vulnerabilities. It answers the most significant questions in business owners mind – What harm could a hacker do to my software? What is the strength and weakness of my information security program? Social Engineering Penetration … read more

What Makes Website Security Audit Essential

Website security audit is critical to facilitate business process smoothly, since most of the business run online today. Everything is fast and we have open source networks, which makes connectivity seems an issue of past. But, this has also brought different types of vulnerabilities that make a software at risk of cyber-attack. This can be … read more

5 Common Threats to Website Security

Website Security is a major concern for every web application. The last thing you wish is for a hacker to alter the content of your application, which poses a serious threat to its security. These risks could result in an attack that results in theft of website data, application resources, unauthorized access and brings virus … read more