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Penetration Testing to Protect an Application from Exploitation

Security is of top most priority for every software application. It is very crucial for a software to have high functionality and a safe build, or else, its value decreases. While most of the applications put efforts to build and advanced application with minimum security risks, they are never safe from hackers who exploit even … read more

How Black Box Penetration Testing Strengthens Security

A software that has a delicate functioning is vulnerable to a variety of security threats and risks. There are innumerable intrusions that a corporation faces and there emerges a need to counter attack known and unknown vulnerabilities. While penetration testing services are one thing that keeps the vulnerabilities at bay, an enterprise needs to be … read more

Software Security Solutions – Why it’s necessary for a company

Businesses today, have grown into a highly interactive venture, and nothing facilitates the interaction the way software does. It is the heart of every business, that drives all the function by pumping efficiency with the applications of technology. Reduced cost, manpower, swift processing has made the world dependent on software technology, not just for business … read more