Monthly Archives: November 2016

Figure Out the Right Time for Security Outsourcing

A firm should outsource its software security to the right company at the right time. The following blog gives some advice on the issue. With cyber-security around networks and devices getting further diversified and even more endangered by hackers, owners of all businesses whether small, medium-sized or large, have been asking themselves this one question, … read more

Security Risk Management Matters More Than You Think It Does!

Software security risk management in companies is seldom given the importance it deserves. Read on to know why it is so crucial. One doesn’t talk about programming languages alone when it comes to software development. The discussion would probably be hovering over a dozen other aspects like time complexity, space complexity, project deadlines, quality assurance … read more

Gaining Leverage over Mobile Device Security Analytics

Mobile device security analytics can play a key role in securing applications. Read on to know how you can get a leverage over them.  While pretty much everything and everyone is bound to become obsolete or extinct at a certain point of time, it seems mobile apps are here to stay for a considerably long … read more

Hit by Cyber Extortion? Here’s Your First Aid!

Cyber extortion has inflicted a great damage on several businesses in the past. Read on to know how you can best respond to the same. Contrary to several misconceptions people have, cyber extortion is not a new unpleasant guest. It is rather an old foe that just happened to show up in too many disguises … read more