Monthly Archives: September 2016

Where Can Penetration Testers Go Wrong?

Meticulously planned penetration tests can sometimes fail due to certain mistakes committed by ethical hackers. Read on to know some of those mistakes. Meetings between security professionals regarding hacks and exploits is no longer a very rare event, thanks to the cyber crimes reported in the past few years. The threats posed by hackers today … read more

What Makes Software Security Assurance So Essential?

Importance of software security assurance is yet to be realized in some companies. The following blog throws some light on the issue and explains how it can be achieved. With the dependency of organizations worldwide on software technologies getting stronger, the risk to their confidential information also gets higher. Intensive use of web apps and … read more

How to Achieve Digital Security?

To ensure digital security in an organization, several carefully planned steps need to be taken. Read on to know some of those steps. The convenience of using digital technologies has really developed an addiction in most of us for the same. A day without these technologies would probably result in stalls in several areas, not … read more

Why Is Network Monitoring Crucial in Mobile Device Security?

Any approach for mobile device security testing begins with network monitoring. The following blog explains the significance of this stage. The more you use a mobile device, the more you will crave for an updated version of the same. The same is the case with mobile apps. Even if you wish to stick to the … read more