Monthly Archives: July 2016

A Strategic Approach to Application Vulnerability Assessment

With more and more businesses occupying online space, the scope for hackers to mess around is getting bigger. Any application you use comes with a risk of data leakage – you won’t even have clue when a small malware posing as a minor flaw or additional plug-in in your app, will gradually extract your private … read more

Federal Cyber Security Plan Revealed!

Nobody takes a tragedy seriously until he/she becomes a victim of the same. If you are dealing with a smartphone that automatically downloads weird applications without asking your permission, and prompts the browser to visit certain pages you have never seen before, you have encountered a malware. Switching off your phone would be the first … read more

The Wrath of Android Malware and Its Impact on Mobile Device Security

From the very first day, the involvement of mobile devices in information technology has created a tough situation for software professionals. Given the likelihood of a mobile device to be stolen or lost, the apps on such device are definitely at the risk of being misused. Furthermore, it is not quite possible to avoid the … read more

How Do the Latest Technology Trends Affect Software Security?

With technology being so deeply involved in all our lives, the risk associated with these technologies also is pretty high. A significant increase is observed in the rate of cyber crime every year – hackers being almost as proficient as the developers of software applications, are able to find the loopholes in these applications and … read more