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Information Security Policy: A Lifeline for Businesses

Use of simplistic software applications is no longer rocket science. Almost everyone uses dozens of such applications on a daily basis, either through desktop computers and laptops or mobile devices such   as smartphones and tablets. Whatever be the task, carrying it out becomes much easier when there is an app for it. Realize how much … read more

Mobile Device Security Trends for 2016

Welcoming the new year with parties and other kind of celebrations is one of most the enjoyable parts during the beginning of a year. Unfortunately, not all parts are same as this one. We all have lots of things coming our way, both good and bad. The best we can do is to enjoy the … read more

Timely Defense Against Cyber Attacks

Starting a business may not be a big deal for one who can make a huge investment, but maintaining the same and making consistent profit with it is the real challenge for an entrepreneur. The scenario of web applications is a little different from that of businesses. It takes a lot to build web applications … read more

Web Application Security Should Be A Top Concern in Quality Assurance

In today’s world, the biggest nightmare is the sudden disappearance of technology. A whole world  that relies on machines and gadgets for almost every single task would be handicapped without technological innovations. Just like the physical work depends on machines, communication relies on electronic gadgets these days. It has been a long time since people … read more

Gamification as a Cyber Security Tool

The number of security breaches in web apps and mobile apps is on a steady rise and so is the impact of these breaches in terms of severity and financial losses. With new security loopholes, attack vectors and vulnerabilities being found, companies have started to adopt some new strategies to ensure the security of the … read more