Monthly Archives: May 2016

A Talk About the Pen-Testing Tools

The wide use of web applications and mobile applications is no longer a hot topic for discussion. Utilizing these apps is as normal as breathing these days. For almost every task at hand, there is an app available and people are using all sorts of mobile devices to manipulate these apps. With smartphones and tablets … read more

Going Easy on Application Security? Know What You Can Lose!

Just like knowing alphabets is first step in mastering a language, use of software applications has become a basic strategy for businesses. Starting from financial firms to multinational IT companies, almost every organization has a website of its own. While some companies utilize their websites for online sales, some others just use it as a … read more

Some Sad But True Facts About Software Security

It is quite hard to imagine a world without software technologies. Needless to say, a world without the technologies that we use today would be extremely boring and annoyingly slow. Fortunately, the world we live in today sees new innovations in all areas of technologies almost everyday. In a scenario where all of us resort … read more

Ensuring the Safety of Enterprise Mobile Applications

Winding the clocks several decades back, we can see how simply a business ran its operations . It was just pen and paper to begin with. Following that, came computers and printers. With a file system on computers, entrepreneurs were able to keep a detailed record of accounts, payroll, sales and every other aspect pertaining … read more