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Annual Security Routine: Best Bet for Safe Mobile Applications

An introduction to mobile applications is probably the last thing one needs – from those involved in odd jobs to the rich business tycoons, nearly everyone has a smartphone and uses a multitude of applications throughout the day. While one app takes care of social connectivity, the other helps you find specific locations or even … read more

Software Security Solutions: How to Choose the Best Ones?

Quality of a software can be better off without security loopholes. The following blog explains how one can choose the best software security solutions. The term ‘software’ is being chanted by millions today – it would take ages for one to count the number of software products released by top multinational IT companies since their … read more

Penetration Testing Keeps Your Web Apps Safe

Today it is hard to even imagine our daily routine without web apps – advent of these applications is a great milestone in information technology. From old-school personal computers to laptops as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are capable of running these applications. Basically, a web application is a program that … read more

Avoiding Threats with Web Application Security Assessment

Web applications have almost become the lifeline for many businesses today. Without these applications, customers and clients would have had a hard time availing the services of these businesses and this in turn would have adversely affected their overall productivity. For those who do not know what a web application, here is a short definition … read more

Some Important Facts About Web Application Security Testing

Maintaining a good online presence is quite a tedious task – one has to deal with a continuously changing landscape while doing so. New technologies take the place of old ones, protocols get renewed and there are constant changes in the patterns of online traffic. Earlier, most of the traffic on the Internet was managed … read more