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Different Methods for Auditing of Mobile Applications Annual Security

Security audit system of smartphone and smartphone applications has become a big necessity in today’s world of technology and science where everything has become mobile and wireless. This type of auditing involves a technical security audit of all mobile apps and the web server services as a whole. Smartphone auditing involves testing of all user … read more

Keep Threats at Bay with Mobile Applications Annual Security

Use of mobile applications has now become a daily routine for many people – those having smartphones or tablets use these apps for finding locations, purchasing commodities, booking tickets, transferring money and many other tasks. Taking advantage of this fact, several companies and organizations have created mobile apps to interact with their clients and customers … read more

Why Hire a Software Security Testing Company?

Almost every business whether big or small, makes use of software applications for a number of purposes. Capable of handling multiple tasks at once, these applications have now become a lifeline for many organizations. Use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets has become quite common nowadays. Taking advantage of this fact, several … read more

Need for Website Application Security Services

If your company or organization is creating web applications for business use, you must know how crucial it is to secure these web applications. Any security loophole overlooked can allow a hacker to gain access to your web application and extract confidential information – misuse of this information can not only lead to financial losses … read more

Top Reasons to Conduct Penetration Testing

Evaluating software security has become a necessity for almost every company. Any software or web application that does not have enough security features is at the risk of being hacked and manipulated with malicious intent. Not just IT companies, but any organization that uses software for automation of processes or for promoting its business, needs … read more