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Common Mobile Security Issues Taken Care by Mobile Application Security Services

Insufficient security features in mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs makes them susceptible to unauthorized access. Misuse of confidential information by hackers can result in bad consequences. Hence, users implement several measures for mobile applications annual security. Following are some common vulnerabilities in mobile devices: Lack of Passwords Passwords are not enabled … read more

Penetration Testing: Why Only Trust Brands for These Services

Security attacks may affect the IT infrastructure of a company in a big way. Therefore, conducting systematic penetration testing or pen testing, and vulnerability scans are crucial for organizations, in order to recognize vulnerabilities on time, and ensure cyber controls in day-to-day work. Pen testing services are performed by a number of penetration testing services … read more

A Quick Guide to Web Application Auditing

Today every computer network relies on the efficiency of web applications. All customers should be able to access these web applications. Corporations link these applications to their databases. Confidential information such as name and address of customers, product specifications, pricing and order processing details are stored in these databases. To secure this information, organizations employ … read more

Key Services Available in Mobile Application Security

Before understanding the concept of mobile application audit, it is very essential for us to know what security audit is. According to experts, security audit is basically an evaluation, review and testing of the security, of various information in a company, in a systematic method. It is a study of how well it conforms to … read more

Step-By-Step Approach for Web Application Security Testing

Due to recent advancements in information technology, it has become possible for one to gain unauthorized access to confidential information about web applications. It has thus become important for companies to employ web application security services. Here is an approach for testing web applications for security: Cracking Password Cracking password is the first step implemented … read more