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Penetration Testing and its Security Benefits

Penetration testing is the method of using hacking techniques ethically for identifying potential attack vectors both internally and externally in your computer network. But unfortunately, many companies tend to overlook the need for this type of testing while carrying out their security assessments. This is mainly because of the ignorance regarding the importance of penetration … read more

4 Security Threats to Your Web Applications

Have you ever pondered about the consequences if someone hacks your website and alters the content of your website. Running a web application means you are always at risk of getting your site hacked at any point of time. Websites across the globe are affected with malware threats on a regular basis. In fact, every … read more

Remote Penetration Testing and its Benefits

Now-a-days, businesses are generating a good amount of profit through websites and online transactions. At present, no company can survive without having a web presence. Apart from buying and selling, major commercial activities including banking transactions are also performed online. Although, these online facilities are handy and easy for the parties involved, but there is … read more

More Attention Is Required to Be Given to Mobile Application Security

There’s no doubt that people who are fond of using the latest technology cannot do without mobile applications. They offer a number of advantages, including faster data sharing, which further increases productivity in smaller businesses as well as larger corporations. It helps in keeping the business going and generating more income. However, there are number … read more

6 Tips to Enhance Your Website Security

You need to keep your website safe from unethical hacking. If there is a room for any sort of website vulnerability, it can put the confidential data of your company at risk. However, there are some basic website security audit practices that you can follow for enhancing your website’s security Here’ a list of 6 … read more