Monthly Archives: May 2015

Importance of Web Application and Network Security Testing

At present, application security audit and information security testing is an integral procedure that you have to perform especially if you are into online business. Along with web application audit the importance of network security testing cannot be undermined since the number of hackers and malicious attacks, threats and vulnerabilities have drastically increased in the … read more

USBKill – Codes That Kill Computers Before They Expose USB Secrets

USBkill cannot be compared with USB Killer stick, which wipes out the delicate components of a computer when plugged-in. This can be a weapon for whistle-blowers, activists, journalists and cyber criminals, who want to safeguard their information from cyber criminals or police. In case the information is caught, it will destroy itself. For example, if … read more

GPU based Key-logger

The world of hacking has become more and more organized over the years and so has the techniques used by hackers. Highly sophisticated tactics are used by hackers these days, as they go to extraordinary lengths to carry out an attack. And now, something else has been added to the list. A team of developers … read more

Critical SSL vulnerability on iOS

AFNetworking is a well-known open-source code library, which enables developers drop networking capabilities into their OS X and iOS products. But, it’s not able to check the domain name for which the SSL certificate has been circulated. Any Apple iOS application using AFNetworking version preceding to the latest version 2.5.3, is vulnerable to this defect, … read more