Monthly Archives: March 2015

Comprehending Public Key Infrastructure behind SSL -Part 1

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has lately been the topic of a number of discussions in the information security community because of high profile security breaches, modernization in web application frameworks, and developments in the information security industry. This article explains the role of commercial Certificate Authorities (CAs) in offering PKI services for SSL secured websites,the … read more

Penetration Testing Methodology

Implementing penetration testing methodology has become really important, especially while considering data security in web applications. The more we rely on cloud-based data systems and networked communication, the more we become vulnerable to possible cyber attacks by outside parties. Even though designing and protecting secured systems has now become standard, you cannot be certain that … read more

OWASP Secure Coding Checklist

Software developers are critical for the success of any application. Achieving a secure software requires support and help for the software developers, by the organization they author code for. Different kinds of secure coding techniques need to be adopted and practised by software developers, as they author the code that constitutes a web application. All … read more