Monthly Archives: January 2015

Linux Systems Are Being Affected by Critical GHOST Vulnerability

An exceedingly critical vulnerability has been detected in the GNU C Library (glibc), a component that is broadly used by most Linux distributions. This allows attackers to eliminate malicious code on servers and get control of Linux machines, remotely. The vulnerability, called ‘GHOST’ and assigned CVE-2015-0235, was found by security researchers from Redwood Shores, a … read more

Security Practice Guidelines for OWASP WordPress – Part 2

Previous article on ‘Security Practice Guidelines for OWASP WordPress‘, took you through WordPress security implementation and design, as well as mentioned some security features that can help in securing WordPress. This article continues with the checklist and some effective methods of securing WordPress. Update Notifications – Your WordPress site needs to be updated at all … read more

Security Practice Guidelines for OWASP WordPress-Part 1

This article aims at a unified approach towards WordPress security implementation and design. This is more than a checklist, it is a security implementation guideline and invitation towards considering and analyzing every individual case. There is a long list of resources for procuring facets of the WordPress implementation. The project aims at offering free resources … read more