• Data security for your organization
    The Assurance
    I want to ensure 360 (degree) security for my organization
  • Securing your financial data
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    We assure our customers that their financial data is safe
  • Protection Against Malwares and Viruses
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    Our crucial data should be well protected against destructive malwares and viruses
  • Safe Transact Online
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    I want safe and compliant platform for my customers to transact online

Your data is Precious and worth Protecting!
Avyaan Infosec help you fight against cyber and data breaches using cutting edge security solutions!

Our Clients
Larsen and Toubro
Wowkart online toy store
Pratibha Industries
Continental Engineering Corporation

Avyaan Web and Mobile Application Security Programms

Since, a large number of data is stored in web applications and the number of transactions on the web has substantially increased, web application security testing has become very important. At Avyaan, we have a team of adept professionals, which is well-versed with information and cyber security. Avyaan's security experts make sure that your business is provided with the updated information cyber security. We work on various aspects that range from information security risk analysis to countermeasure assessment. Besides, we provide key assistance in the overall risk assessment. We check your web and mobile applications for vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perceptive in accordance with OWASP standards. Our professionals lay stress on checking vulnerabilities like cross site scripting, SQL injection, invalidated inputs, etc.

We have garnered a broad client-base for efficiently performing web application security audits and penetration testing. We help you determine the vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a remote unauthorized attacker. Due to our well-trained and efficient technocrats, we can stop the intrusions at an early stage. Our external penetration testing service helps you figure out the vulnerabilities, weaknesses and other technical flaws due to which you can lose your company's vital information. In case of web application security testing, we do rigorous analysis on configuration errors and application loopholes in server code or scripts. In order to reduce the risk of malicious attack, we offer annual security services to our clients.

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"If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the
wind for revealing them to the tress" - Kahlil Gibran


We approached Avyaan to ensure the security of our organization as well as our customers. The cyber security solutions offered by them have eased out the perpetual pressure of destructive malware and virus threats. Along with the security of our organization and our financial data, they also kept in mind the security of our customers and provided a safe online transaction platform for them. This has helped us immensely in gaining the trust of our clients. We are extremely happy with the top-notch services they extended to us.

I would like to thank the entire team of Avyaan for keeping my organization risk-free!

by: Rishab Garg, Founder: wowkart.com